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photo-2I love visiting the « Maison des Sancerre »… It is a must in the town of Sancerre. You will find it nestled in the small street on the right of the church.

The Museum reception is bright with large windows opening onto a terrace. Empty wine barrels painted in “happy” colours are used as tables where you can taste the wine offered at the end of the visit. The view from the terrace on the hills of Sancerre and the roof tops of the village is breathtaking of beauty and the view is never the same as it alters with the seasonal changes.

You mustn’t miss the overall presentation in the “Grande Cave” at the bottom of the stairs on your right. It only last for ten minutes or so and the English translation gives you an overview of the long history of the area and helps you comprehend the notion of “terroir”.

Little niches behind screens are in fact showing small films with winemakers telling their stories. They reveal candidly some of the secrets of their international success due to their tenacity, beliefs, love of their land and focus on quality which is in the Berrichon’s genes. Take the time to view them as they are full of genuine anecdotes told with a charming Berrichon accent.

The history is cleverly told but the future of the vineyard is also mapped out for you with the new generation of winemakers who are conscious of the new environmental issues of our times and always keen to challenge themselves in order to better the quality of the winemaking process from the land to the bottle, the finished product.

You end the visit by walking through the aromatic garden pleasantly laid out. The flowers and herbs scents awake your sense of smell and you can see in summer the branches of the fruits trees bending down under the weight of their production. At last but not the least, try the simulator “enjambeur” (high-clearance trator) to appreciate the work in the vineyard. Kids and adults alike love it!

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