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Happy to report an extra ordinary warm weather we are having at the moment… 18 degrees this week end and luckily I was invited in Chablis for a special birthday. After a wild party celebrating with excellent local wines, we needed some walking in a forest and fresh air to put our neurones back in place!

feuilles en foret chablisWe complained about the lack of wild mushrooms in the forest this year. My friends decided nevertheless to go to their “secret” mushroom spot where the environment is just right for certain types of fungi… As we approached the spot, the very last of the migrating geese were flying above us calling out to each other and making lots of noise. The wind was blowing on the last of the leaves of the tall trees creating a kind of a song called in French “un tremble” (a shaking). The show of autumn colours in the forest ranging from deep burgundy red to bright yellow and sombre ochre was breathtaking.

Never did we imagine that we were minutes away from finding a gold mine of “chanterelles grises” or Cantharellus cibarious or also called Girolle… What a treasure hunt that was following the find of the first ones… “And there are some there!!!… And there also… and did you see that… I have never seen so many….” Coats were used as baskets to gather as much as we could and in a very short time, we had collected around 6 kgs…Just incredible! And to think that a few minutes before we were complaining!

echalier chablisNow as we drove back with our bounty, we had another surprise as we found an Echalier ( a stile ), a very rare occurrence these days as many farmers do not want people to walk on their land to access fishing spots, understandably so it as they sometimes leave their trash behind. I climbed it as it was another secret spot for Common chickweed (stellaria media) to make a salad…

Back in Fussy, it was time to prepare the mushrooms and this is no small task as you need to gently brush the gills under the cap and take out the dirt from the stem. You must not wash them as you will loose out big time! They need also to be cooked quite a while in some butter, adding garlic and parsley towards the end. I like it best with scrambled eggs to fully enjoy its delicate and aromatic flavours.

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