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brasserie cuves cuivre


This week end, freezing cold weather but sunny in and around Fussy so off to Sancerre with Italian guests.   I always stop at the Brasserie Sancerroise located at the foot of the hill of the village of Sancerre.  You cannot miss it as it is situated at the first round about on the left if you are arriving from Bourges after the fire station!

They really were game to do it!!! Making beer in the middle of vineyards and more so calling it « la Sancerroise ».  Sancerre has a worldwide reputation for its white wine but now it has also gained a reputation for beers too.



Created in 2011, this brasserie is set up in the old abattoirs of the township of Sancerre and it is a family affair, mum looks after the administration, the marketing and looks after the on-site boutique, dad brews and the two sons help!  They started with three types of beer and now brew more than 10!  The beer called « La Sancerroise with green lentils from Berry » became an imediate success and was awarded a bronze medal at the agricultural show in 2004.  Made essentially with local produce, the concept of the brasserie is from Austria.

Personnally I have tried them all and I like them all… but I have a preference for « la Sancerroise au Gruyt », a stout with lots of spices going back to the Middle Ages.  I really like using it for making a dish called Carbonnade Flamande, meat cooked in beer with spiced bread and cinamom.

Following is the list of beer to taste at the shop and the choice…

Lou Pélou Chestnut and Gentian flavours and it is organic

La Sancerroise Val d’Or, Bitter

La Donzelle Bière Lager with Rosemanry

La bière de l’Abbaye du Jouir, Golden Lager abbey style beer

La Sans-gêne, Amber lager beer slighly red

Rose Blanche White Ale with wheat

For more information …

Brasserie Sancerroise

258 Route d’Amigny

18300 Sancerre

Tel : 0248542991




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