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stanislas chevres

It is always with an immense pleasure that I visit my organic goat’s cheese producer for the restaurant. Our visit with Brazilian friends came just at the right time with the birth of a female kid which enchanted Stanislas because many births this season so far had been billy goats. When we arrived, he hurried to reach the shed to attend the birth and from farmer became a gynecologist. The kid in a few hours stands up on these small legs and cavorts with the other kids, which never stop to amaze Stanislas.

Patricia takes care of the kids giving them feeding-bottles to the avid drinkers who follow her in the shed by nibbling her pants, asking for more.

Fernando and Cristina are urged to help to give the feeding-bottles, which is for them a moment of enjoyment because the kids are very affectionate and greedy!

Cheese making activity is going to start again soon and I look forward to the beginning of the production so I can put it back on the menu and share it with my customers. From March to November, I enjoy varied recipes… with a confit of flowers of dandelion or poppy.  With these two confits, the flavors reminds me of the meadow in flowers during spring and complement well the soft fresh goat cheese.

Stanislas explains to us the great difficulties that “small” farmers have to survive in a world which always wants more … His daily work cannot be accounted in ”office” hours and it is vocational… Stanislas did not come from a farming background.  He left his well remunerated office job and decided 10 years’ ago to launch himself in the adventure of farming.

He regrets nothing in spite of the daily difficulties which is a farmer’s job. He hopes simply, like a lot of us in small businesses, people of the land and artisans, creating local wealth that we shall stand firm in front of the administrative constraints of Europe created by bureaucrats or politics who do not understand our daily fight! The economic crisis is easy to blame to decimate unfortunately our small businesses and at the same time accelerate the perdition of know-how of many trades in favor of industrialization of products…. But we have to live with our time and if the new generations prefer industry and always looking for cheap good deal, we are heading towards an irreversible process damaging all level of society… I am very sad in front of this global blindness encouraging a wild capitalist system which will leave many victims unharmed facing the total disregard of Mr and Mrs Average!

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